Laboratory Learning Program 2024 - Antibiotic discovery (MOL-01)

Research Opportunity Number: (MOL-01)

Project Title: Antibiotic discovery

Project Summary: The rise in resistance to known antibiotics is creating a global infectious disease crisis. To combat this, we need to develop new ways of killing bacteria. Our lab pursues this goal by focusing on finding new molecules that kill bacteria, new processes bacteria need to grow and infect humans, and new ways of affecting bacteria like using RNA or virus-based perturbations.

Student Roles and Responsibilities: Student is to master the background material, learn the methods involved, and help think critically about the experiments

Additional Considerations: Start and end dates are flexible, but the student should commit to full time (40 hours/week).

Department/Institute: Molecular Biology

Faculty Sponsor: Zemer Gitai

Participation Dates: 7/1/2024 to 8/31/2024

Stipend Offered: $0

Number of Internships Available: 0-1

Application Deadline: March 15, 2024, midnight eastern daylight time