Laboratory Learning Program 2024 - Biofuel and E-fuel oxidation at supercritical pressure (MAE-07)

Research Opportunity Number: MAE-07

Project Title: Biofuel and E-fuel oxidation at supercritical pressure

Project Summary Biofuel and E-fuel derived from renewable electricity and biomass are important pathways to reduce carbon emissions in air and heavy-duty transportation. However, the biofuel and E-fuel oxidation chemistry at engine pressure is not well understood. In this research, we will use a high-pressure reactor to understand the biofuel/E-fuel (e.g. alcohols, ammonia, and esters) oxidation chemistry. The work will be supervised by a research staff member.

Student Roles and Responsibilities The student(s) will perform experimental support, data analysis, computation modeling, literature review, and create a presentation

Additional Considerations:  Student will need university EHS lab safety training before entering the lab. After entering the lab, lab safety and experimental safety training will be required.

Department/Institute: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Faculty Sponsor: Yiguang Ju

Participation Dates: 6/1/2024 to 8/15/2024

Stipend Offered: $0

Number of Internships Available: 0-1

Application Deadline: March 15, 2024, midnight eastern daylight time