Our Fellows

Science Outreach at Princeton University would like to introduce an outstanding group of students, the Science Outreach Fellows for 2023-24. The Fellows were selected for their leadership, passion for science outreach, and community engagement. They will receive community volunteer, leadership, and science communication skill training. The Science Outreach Fellows will engage in hands-on science experiments and activities with K-12 students in schools and community programs. Science Outreach @Princton University aims to address the gap in awareness, preparedness, and retention of students in STEM careers. The Science Outreach Fellows are “In the Nation’s Service and Service of Humanity.” 

Mell Aguiar
Anthropology, Class of 2027
Nirel Amoyaw
Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Class of 2026
Meghana Bhupati
SPIA, Class of 2026
Natasha Greenstein
Physics, Class of 2025
Aryan Gupta
Astrophysics, Class of 2027
Davis Hobley
Neuroscience, Class of 2027
Diya Hundiwala
Computer Science BSE, Class of 2027
Yousef Kassem
Computer Science, Class of 2027
Sriya Kotta
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Harish Krishnakumar
Astrophysics, Class of 2027
Kira Newbert
Neuroscience, Class of 2026
Emma Petzold
Psychology, Class of 2026
Ash Reddy
Molecular Biology, Class of 2025
Jazmin Rivera
Molecular Biology, Class of 2025
Sharbel Sleman
Chemistry, Class of 2025
Daniel Tu
Molecular Biology, Class of 2027
Bruno Verduzco
Neuroscience, Class of 2027